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Sponsored content, take note

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Explanatory journalism - characterized those intriguing, slightly colloquial pieces that informally explain things to the media-weary - is back in vogue. We write 'sponsored content' that's like this for some of our clients.

Sponsored content appears on web pages. It deliberately attempts to blur the line between 'editorial' and 'advertising.' It's also strategic and compelling, when thoughtfully incorporated into a campaign that involves media, consumers and thought-leaders.

Big PR firms like Edelman have created entire divisions devoted to developing this pay-for-play PR. Why? Readers share sponsored content more than regular editorial pieces.

LieberJohnson's done this since 1988. We write PR pieces that read like newspaper and magazine articles and send them off to trades and online websites that need to fill space, 24/7. It's ridiculously fun and easy. Read more, then let us do some strategizing for your content.

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Stephanie Johnson

These are my thoughts about online marketing and industry practices, both good and bad, to help you understand the importance of controlling your image in today’s media-rich online environment.

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