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Don't know if I'm the only one waking up from a sleepy holiday season to discover this new feature in The New York Times: The ability for readers to provide instant feedback to articles they're reading.

The gray lady's created feedback "fields" a paragraph or so into selected articles. Many readers have an agenda when they peruse articles with headlines like "Even Insured Can Face Crushing Medical Debt, Study Finds."  NYT has found an excellent way to channel their experiences in a way that adds color and interest to other readers. I'm presuming these comments are moderated so crazy trolls or long-winded pseudo experts are left to more conventional "comments" threads.

LieberJohnson pitched this idea yesterday to several clients building corporate intranets. True and meaningful employee engagement has eluded internal comms groups for years. There can't be a better way in 2016 to kick off two-way communication or build interest in even the most-mundane corporate news than posting realtime employee comments and observations.

It's very easy to integrate this component into any website. Ring in the New Year by giving us a call.

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