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Monday, 17 March 2014 11:15

PR and Web for Eagle Ford

This blog item is dedicated to the hardworking small businesses south of our San Antonio office - the service providers in the Eagle Ford shale.

Why? You're the nimble ones struggling to grow while exceeding incredible customer demands for your time and services. You're not sitting in a high-rise, comfortably removed from the right ways and wrong ways of doing things, protected from the dust and heat by procurement contracts and investor relations consultants.

Our staff has crawled over driling rigs in Burgos Basin, flown offshore to drilling platforms, walked through gas-processing plants and spent hours in Louisiana, Texas, Mississippi and Alabama supporting drilling-and-production operations.

We know what it takes to get oil-and-gas out of the ground. Lieberjohnson is committed to helping you convey your services, mission and vision to drilling companies that need your services. We can build you a website, write content/copy for your pages, create marketing collateral and develop a PR campaign that gets you in front of your customers.