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Monday, 10 February 2014 13:42

Yelp gets searchable

Name two online media giants whose names begin with 'Y' and whose combined clout could sink your small business.

Online portal Yahoo on Friday announced it will partner with Yelp to make online listing and reviews searchable.

We rep PapaMo's Deli, a small Heights eatery already on the frontline of social-media wars. Like many restaurants, they find business lives and dies on single customer reviews. They're vigilant about following up on negative reviews and ply the Facebook wars daily. Also, they talk to their customers regularly via newsletter on Constant Contact, an excellent free- to low-cost service.

(Note: PapaMo's is the ONLY exception LieberJohnson makes to the tradeouts rule! Such is the singular delight of their Reuben and meat-free potato salad.)

LieberJohnson did not build their website - a WordPress site that's difficult to update with slides and menu changes. We only recommend Joomla sites. Still, it's a nice site that conveys a homey, 'we're here for you' vibe that synchs with the public faces of New Yorker Joan Kofteci and her Turkish co-owner, Ramo Kofteci.

Websites already are searchable. As our landing page proclaims - you're awesome, and your online presence should be, too. You may not always be able to control your customer reviews, but you can mitigate them with a solid, well-designed site that's larded with content that makes your customers hungry for more.

All due diligence happens on the web, these days. Make your site the comforting, inviting yet intriguing presence you need to keep stakeholders whose pithy reviews soon will compete with your online je ne sais quoi.