We are a full-service creative agency that connects with and advocates for your company, helping you achieve business results.

Web Development

You’re only as professional as you appear online. We can’t walk your talk if you’re not credible.

LieberJohnson builds dynamic websites that create the right look and feel for clients and provide key functionalites for business. Many of our clients need sign-up components for high-level events. These components also must generate spreadsheet rosters for corporate planners. Other clients need e-commerce functionalities like PayPal.

LieberJohnson’s database-driven website platforms feature unlimited pages for content and the ability to add new features at any time. Our websites use award-winning ‘open-source’ CMS and commercial components with minimal custom-coding to save significant costs, ensure fast deployment and make critical software updates.

Our packages include features such as site backup and restore capabilities; multimedia capabilities; mobile-friendly; all pages SEO-tagged; site firewall security; website analytics; multimedia creation and editing; video server streaming services; SSL security data encryption for financial and personal data transactions; e-commerce integration; e-newsletter/email alert setup and template creation.

To see sites we've built with our sister company, Safari Multimedia, click here.

Content Management

A brand is the conversation you have with your stakeholders.

"Content" delivers the key points in this ongoing dialog with customers, clients and thought-leaders. Copy on your website, PR pitches to reporters, press releases, articles about your company, stories on corporate internets, newsletters, tweets, pieces in trade publications, statements about your activity, blog items, Instagram messaging, Facebook posts, and even chitchat on Yelp all shape your public image.

Strategizing and managing these communications channels is complicated and time-consuming and, a lot of fun! Words are like viruses. Infect your customers with a little enthusiasm. Communicate sustainable competitive advantage and innovation.

Here's our current to-do list:

  • Content-manage extranet and microsites for several major energy companies
  • Write 'pitch' emails for several non-profits seeking national media attention
  • Help a law firm reinvent itself with words ... online
  • Draft content for a new pipeline company's website
  • Write scripts for educational videos warning kids about the dangers of energy infrastructure
  • Contribute articles to hyperlocal newspapers
  • Update editorial calendars
  • Develop editorial calendars for all client websites
  • Finalize content for a credit-union website launching this month

Crisis Communications

Most companies know how to react when a well blows out or a major media outlet threatens to divulge incriminating information.

Energy companies cooperate with the feds and form Joint Information Centers. Media relations experts prepare carefully groomed executives for the glare of cameras. Corporate communications types face off with lawyers in futile attempts to draft meaningful "statements" that meet anyone's deadline.

Few worry about simultaneously managing the chaos where it counts most -- online.

LieberJohnson can launch a public microsite within hours of an event. We're adept at drafting statements and press releases that buy time without sacrificing credibility. We deal effectively with barrages of initial calls from reporters. Don't have a flak? We're well-qualified to face the cameras or work in the JIC. 

Internally, LieberJohnson keeps employees updated, motivated, and ready to serve as employee ambassadors.

Current projects?

Contracts preclude full disclosure ... on this site.

Public Relations

Spin is not a four-letter word

What's your story? 

Public relations communicates your mission and vision to the world by creating "news" about your business that grabs media-and-stakeholder attention. We write press releases and develop media campaigns that help companies leverage opportunities, challenges and organizational changes.

Nobody spins a story better or engages the media more compellingly to local media, trades, national media and the hurlyburly world of social media. We are positive, patient, persistent - and credibly transparent in all efforts on our clients' behalf. Talk to your stakeholders!

Current projects:

  • convincing national media to cover Houston's shame: 1.5 million stray street dogs
  • building a trades campaign for an energy services company
  • writing press releases for company websites
  • managing Twitter feeds for local entrepreneur
  • pitching story ideas for various clients and non-profits
  • developing newsworthy 'tidbits' for Facebook feeds and web pages

Social Media

You want lots of “likes”

If you’ve clicked here, chances are you need someone to “Tweet,” “blog,” “post,” “upload” or “just write something” on social media for you.

Yes, LieberJohnson can do that for you, but typically within the larger context of a public relations campaign. Our focus is helping you identify the social-media platforms most likely to benefit your company, then show you how to work them like a pro.

For example, if you’re a deli you need to communicate daily specials to busy if hungry customers. Twitter and Facebook work well for this – but can you snap photos at the counter and upload them before the lunch rush?

If you’re a nonprofit trying to raise funds, should you blog on Tumblr or work a Facebook account even if it won’t help you with SEO? What about blogging on your own site in the face of poor traffic analytics?

Is it appropriate for a Fortune 500 company to tweet about personnel announcements? Authorize employees to set up Instagram accounts for product launches? How should staid attorneys get their game on?

LieberJohnson can show you how to adopt best-practices and identify most-appropriate venues for your business' social media outreach.

Current Projects

LieberJohnson loves spinning a heart-rending story to help non-profits raise money and help the needy.

Current projects:

  • Developing a website and content for a pipeline company headquartered in Dallas
  • Finishing a three-minute video about pipeline safety
  • Writing content for a Fortune 100 energy company
  • Writing intranet articles for Fortune 500 paper products company
  • Did you know there are 1.2 million stray dogs on Houston's streets? We're working closely with area rescues, who formed Unityforasolution.org, to shame politicians into funding programs that educate communities and provide low-cost spay-and-neuter services.
  • What happens when kids with intellectual and developmental disabilities time out of the public school system? Most sit at home all day. TheArcofKaty.org thinks all people should lead full lives. So do we. LieberJohnson designed and built their website. We manage the site and provide a full-range of public relations and community outreach services.

Internal Communications

Engage, educate and incent

What's the first thing your employees see every day?

If it's not your company's intranet site or company newsletter, you've just wasted another opportunity to engage, educate and incent the people who make your business possible and profitable.

Transform your employees into brand ambassadors. Stop wasting your most valuable resources with mind-numbing diatribes nobody reads.

LieberJohnson's web developers, videographers and editors will put an end to employee surfing with dynamic platforms, videos, fresh content and all of the enticing components you need to compete with external sites.

Other services include newsletters and e-newsletters.

Current projects include:

  • Creating new editorial calendars for several Fortune 100 clients and a small non-profit
  • Uploading new slideshows to existing sites
  • Daily news summaries
  • Helping BP prepare its flagship BPNeighbors.com site for the upcoming BP MS 150
  • Site-mapping a corporate intranet
  • Producing weekly e-newsletters summarizing operational highlights


It’s all about branding

“Although we’re a company of many words, design still trumps editorial. Your online image needs to match your brand or you’re not credible.

And if you’re not credible ... it’s that much harder to sell your story online.

Our typical design clients are start-up companies seeking to level the playing field by looking “big,” like their competitors. For example, smaller oilfield services companies hoping to sell to larger firms need strongly branded websites.

Many of our clients are Fortune 500 companies who need branded microsites and e-newsletters that meet corporate guidelines.

Then there are the professionals and sole proprietors whose sites and collateral must convince clients (at a quick glance) to pick up the phone and call ... now!

Speaking of collateral, we’ve supervised the production of up to 100 pieces of marketing flyers, brochures and spec sheets simultaneously – in both English and Spanish.”